Tanzania Safari FAQs

Tanzania Safari FAQs

Tanzania Safari FAQs

What should I bring with me on safari?

We recommend comfortable light clothing for the day and something warmer for the evenings, which can be chilly in the northern highlands. Comfortable walking shoes are a must for those planning on walking in the parks. You will further need a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Are there any restrictions for those wishing to visit National Parks?

There are no age restrictions for Park visitors. That said, one should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time in a vehicle. Game drives usually take most of the day, beginning in the morning and ending just before the Park gates close at 6 PM, which could tax younger travellers. Therefore, we do not recommend taking children younger than 2 on safari. On the other hand, game drives can be tailored to suit any client’s personal preferences in terms of duration. There also are picnic spots, which allow one to stretch and enjoy the tranquillity of the African bush.

How is a safari in Tanzania different from one in another country?

The joint Safari Bookings and National Geographic ratings for 2015 placed Tanzania first on the list of countries for African Safaris. Two factors make Tanzania exceptional: hunting is strictly prohibited in all the National Parks, which makes for one of the highest densities of wildlife on the continent; and higher Park fees keep the number of visitors relatively low, making for a more exclusive experience. Moreover, unlike other countries, where one often finds small family cars on the road, all safaris in Tanzania are conducted using off-road vehicles, which enhances the sense of being in the wild.

What is the duration of a safari?

The duration of any safari depends solely upon the client’s wishes. One can have a day’s game drive in one of the closer Parks, or opt for an extensive tour of several parks, which could take 2 weeks or more. A day’s game drive usually lasts between 4 and 8 hours, with the rest of the day being spent at the lodge, all of which provide comfortable accommodation with Wi-Fi, good food, and in most cases a swimming pool.

At what time do safaris start?

We recommend leaving the lodge as early as possible. There are some reasons for this: mornings tend to be cooler, which is more comfortable for you and brings you to the bush when the animals are most active; you have a chance of getting to the Park ahead of other tourists; all the park fees in Tanzania are paid by the day, regardless of the time spent within the Park, with 6 PM being closing time, so getting there early gives you more time to enjoy the wilds of Africa before you have to return to your lodge.

What is a safari vehicle?

Kilimanjaro Dreamers fleet of safari vehicles consists of customized 2016-2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 vehicles. All the vehicles have ergonomic seats, fridges for cold drinks and snacks, electrical outlets for device charging, binoculars, and first-aid kits. Pop-up roofs, which allow you to stand up and observe and take photos in greater comfort, are also part of the package.

Should I get a Tanzanian tourist visa in advance?

Citizens of the EU and USA can acquire entry visas at international airports in Tanzania as well as other border crossings. It is also possible to apply for the visa online through the Tanzania immigration website. Visa costs: generally USD 50 (USD 100 for citizens of the USA).

Tanzania Safari FAQs Gallery
Tanzania Safari FAQs Gallery
Tanzania Safari FAQs Gallery
Tanzania Safari FAQs Gallery
Tanzania Safari FAQs Gallery


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