Northern Circuit Route

Lemosho Northern Circuit Route

Lemosho Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit route is the longest and newest of the seven established Kilimanjaro routes. It’s one of the best routes because of its great acclimatization profile, high summit success rate, stunning views, and comparatively relaxed pace. It’s also much less crowded than the other Kilimanjaro routes. Simply put, it’s one of the best ways to experience the roof of Africa.

You also get to explore more of Kilimanjaro via this slightly longer route, thereby enjoying its various environments thoroughly. We recommend choosing this Kilimanjaro climb route if you have the extra time and money available. It is one of the most beautiful of all seven established Kilimanjaro routes. In fact, it might be the most beautiful route of all! Along the route you have the chance to witness all of the different environments and ecosystems the mountain has to offer.

Facts :-

Ascent Distance: 40.16 Km

20.6 Km (Mweka Route)


No Of People Climbing –3, 339 Per Year

Trek Difficulty: Medium

Highlight:Least Crowded

Northern Circuit Route Map

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Why Choose Shira Route

Why Choose Northern Circuit Route

The Northern Circuit is definitely our favorite Kilimanjaro route along with the Lemosho

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Success Rate

Success Rate

The Northern Circuit is the longest Kilimanjaro route and also provides many

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Pros & Cons

The Route offers climb high sleep low profile

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Lemosho Northern Circuit Route Packages

7 Days Northern Circuit Route
7 Day

7 Days Northern Circuit Route

7 Days Northern Circuit Route

7 Day | 6 Night

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8 Days Northern Circuit Route
8 Day

8 Days Northern Circuit Route

8 Days Northern Circuit Route

8 Day | 7 Night

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