Tanzania Food

Tanzania Food

Tanzania Food

The Tanzania Food on safari is delicious and ranges from simple to gourmet. You can expect lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and wonderful homemade soups. Chicken, lamb, beef or pork are usually served at lunch and dinner as well as fish and vegetarian dishes. Breakfast is a buffet with lots of tropical fruits, hot and cold cereals, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, breads and pastries and eggs to order.

Lunch can be either buffet or served at the table and always starts with soup (If you are off for a wildlife viewing your guide will bring a lunch box with you). During your safari time, lunch will be served sometime in lunchbox prepared by the hotel you overnighted.Dinner is usually a 4 or 5 course sit-down affair, although there is no need to dress up. Often your safari guide will join you at meals as you recall your day’s events.

Every Tanzania Diet meal consists of the above key components. Also, the groundnuts are used as spices to add some flavours to the dishes. A typical Tanzanian meal consists of the following:


Some important breakfast dishes are - Chapati, Flatbread or Mandazi, fried dough served with tea.


The lunch usually consists of Ugali or rice with beans, vegetables such as Mchicha, which are a variety of spinaches and chapati bread. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and is consumed around 1:00pm.


The supper is very identical to the lunch but in addition to it the meat dishes are well-liked in this meal.


The favourite beverage of Tanzania is Chai.

Tanzania Foods Gallery
Tanzania Foods Gallery
Tanzania Foods Gallery
Tanzania Foods Gallery
Tanzania Foods Gallery


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