Is It Possible For A Beginner To Climb Kilimanjaro – Know The Truth!

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One aspect that sets Mount Kilimanjaro apart is the fact that, while being one of the Seven Summits, you may climb it without any prior trekking or backpacking expertise. Moreover, even though it is a peak at a very high altitude, you don’t require previous experience climbing mountains.

This is made possible by several distinctive aspects of a Kilimanjaro trek.

How a Beginner can climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Let’s have a look at how a beginner can trek Mount Kilimanjaro.

1.The Porters will carry your Luggage and Equipment

All visitors will get total support from the reliable Kilimanjaro crew.

  • It would be significantly more difficult to climb Kilimanjaro without the Kilimanjaro crews.
  • For the duration of the walk, each member of the group would have to carry their equipment, weighing on average 70 lbs.

However, the mountain crew lighten your load by carrying the majority of your personal belongings.

You only need to bring a tiny daypack; a porter will transport your other stuff. Additionally, the porters move the common items between camps, including sleeping tents, sleeping mats, mess tents, bathroom tents, tables, chairs, stoves, dishes, and cups.

2.You won’t need a Map

On a Kilimanjaro trek, knowledgeable and skilled guides will lead the way, ensuring that there is no risk of straying off the path. Navigation and map-reading skills are not required. You won’t even need a map.

3.A sufficient supply of food and water

The most important supplies for a Kilimanjaro trek are food and water. However, the porters will also carry that. They’ll resupply your mountain team in the middle of your quest.

  • That is correct! A couple of porters travel from the trailhead to your campsite with new supplies and return the following day.
  • On the lower and middle slopes of the mountains, the staff collect water from streams for use by the workers.

But, there isn’t a water source when you go closer to the high camp. Water is therefore transported from lower altitudes. This calls for a lot of labour. However, you won’t have to worry about it at all because the dependable crew will take care of all of your requirements.

4.You won’t even need to cook!

All your meals will be prepared by mountain chefs. Snacks and beverages are brought to the dining tent during ‘happy hour’ before dinner. If you like, you can gather here and chat with other mountaineers.

Then, dinner is served at roughly 6 pm.

5.The Committed Guides

The guides are prepared to tackle any problems that arise on the mountain thanks to their extensive training and experience.

  • Beginners might be hesitant to sign up for a Kilimanjaro trek, but don’t be concerned. The guides will always keep you informed.
  • You won’t ever have to worry about how far you’re walking, how long it will take, how much elevation gain there will be, or what to wear. Because every evening, there is a briefing session about the activities for the next day. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Of course, if you run into any difficulties, the guides are there to help. You can rely on them for anything, large or small.

6.The crew will also set up your Camp

On a regular trekking excursion, you choose a spot and assemble your tent after reaching camp.

  • But, on a Kilimanjaro trek excursion, your tent is already put up when you reach your camp. Your sleeping and duffel bags are also inside.
  • Just get in, take your boots off, and unwind after your day hike. Every night, the same tent will be your home.

All you have to do is depart the campground and pack your duffel bag. The crew will once again take the tent apart and reassemble it at the following campground.

7.You don’t need to know all about technical climbing

It’s quite amazing that someone without technical expertise can climb Mount Kilimanjaro in its entirety.

  • Geographic risks including steep drop-offs, cracks, and glacier crossings exist on other peaks but not on Mount Kilimanjaro. A ‘walk-up’ mountain, Kilimanjaro requires no technical climbing experience.
  • Mountaineering tools like ropes, harnesses, ice axes, etc. are not required on a Kilimanjaro trek.

Keep in mind that helmets are necessary at the Western Breach (on the outer rim of Kibo) because of the loose rocks.

Because Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro requires no technical expertise, even beginners with no prior experience can manage the terrain. If you have any more questions, remarks/ and, or suggestions, don’t be hesitant to reach us at the following details

 Contact: +255 762 688 721 or



Finally, now you’re aware that even beginners – with zero trekking experience can trek Mount Kilimanjaro. So, what’re you waiting for? Book a Mount Kilimanjaro trek now and witness the majesty of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain.

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